Traffic Safety

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The mission of your Traffic Safety Unit is to reduce traffic related injuries and death through community engaged partnerships, traffic safety education, and enforcement. While there can be many contributing factors to traffic related crashes and injuries, there are a group of specific traffic law violations which are most common.

These violations include, but are not limited to, speeding, following to close, inattentive driving (texting, hand held cell phone use, reading, eating, applying make-up, etc), aggressive driving, improper lane change, too fast for conditions, failure to stop/yield, not using headlights during rain or fog conditions, and failure to use seat belts.

Child Safety Restraint Seat Instruction & Inspection

Traffic Safety Unit deputies are certified child safety restraint seat technicians. If you need assistance installing a child safety restraint seat or inspection, deputies will be glad to assist you. Please contact the Traffic Unit at 912-754-3449 to make an appointment. Child restraint seat literature is also available for additional information.
Child Car Seat