Local Flood Hazard

County Flood Services

The first thing to do is check your level of flood hazard. Flood maps and flood protection references are available under Special Flood Hazard Information, and also at the Development Services office. You can call, email, or visit the Development Services office to see if you are in a mapped floodplain. You can also visit https://www.georgiadfirm.com/ to identify your flood risk. If so, we can give you more information, such as depth of flooding over a building's first floor, past flood problems in the area, and copies of elevation certificates on buildings built in the floodplain. Even if you are not in a floodplain, there still may be some risk of flooding. If needed, we can visit a property to review its flood problem and explain ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. If you are in a floodplain or have had a flood, drainage or sewer backup problem, we can connect you with sources of assistance.