Civil Process

The Civil Division is responsible for processing and serving civil action papers received from the courts of our county, other jurisdictions, and out of state agencies. These papers include, but are not limited to, Child support, Divorce, Summons and Complaints, Child Custody, Garnishments, Adoption, Tort, and Subpoenas. This division also executes Orders of Protection, warrants, Court Orders, Writs of Possessions, and levy's. Some of these duties require a Deputy to seize and later auction off property with a judgement issued from the courts. Civil Standbys for property pick up are by appointment only. For more information or questions concerning service or to schedule an appointment for a civil standby please contact Brenda Stewart at (912)754-3449 Ext. 4251 or call 912-754-8184 and leave a message. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 6:30PM. 

Sheriff Service Fees:

  • Per Copy/Defendant Served     $50.00
  • Witness Subpoena                    $10.00

Please include a Sheriff's Entry of Service form, the Summons or case paperwork, a self-addressed stamped envelope, as well as service fees. Fees can be paid by a company check, money order, or credit card(over the phone). There is a $2.95 service fee for credit card authorizations. 

Mailing Address for Regular Mail:

Effingham County Sheriff's Office

P.O. Box 1015, Springfield, GA 31329

For overnight mailing such as FedEx, Express mail, or UPS:

Effingham County Sheriff's Office

Attn: Civil Division

130 West First St. Ext.

Springfield, GA 31329

Funeral Escorts

The Civil Division is also responsible for funeral escorts throughout the county. To schedule or request an escort contact the Effingham County Sheriff's Office Communications Division at (912) 754-4195.