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 July 23, 2017  
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For emergencies, dial 911!

This e-mail is not for reporting traffic or criminal complaints. "Crime Tip" e-mail is for sharing information about crimes which  have already occurred and may assist in investigation.

Call 911 to report crimes in progress.

Call (912) 754-3449 to make a criminal or traffic complaint.

Phone Numbers:

Main Number for Information:  (912) 754-3449

What should I Report?

  • Persons whom you do not recognize in your neighborhood walking, loitering, or driving back and forth in front of homes.
  • Cars abandoned on the side of the roadway appearing to be broke down.
  • Crimes in progress (Call 911 immediately)
  • The possible sound of crimes in progress such screaming, glass breaking, gunshots, shouting.
  • Solicitors moving from house to house.
  • Intoxicated persons walking on roadways or loitering.
  • Motor vehicles being driven dangerously.
  • Graffiti, large gatherings of people or loud music coming from vehicles.
  • Persons loitering in one area for a period of time.

In and of themselves the above situations may be an innocent activity but deputies welcome the opportunity to check the situations and insure all is well. To report activity that is not a crime in progress you should call (912) 754-3449.

Main Address:

130 First Street Ext.

PO Box 1015

Springfield, GA 31329

Substation Physical Address:

Faulkville Sheriff’s Substation — 2696 U.S. Hwy 80 • Bloomingdale, GA 31302

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