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 July 23, 2017  

Richard J. Bush is Chief Deputy and oversees the day to day operations of the Effingham County Sheriff's Office. You may contact Chief Deputy Bush with your comments or complaints here.


Incident Reports/Motor Vehicle Accident Reports


INCIDENT REPORTS - Your Sheriff's Office takes great effort in investigating  complaints received by the public. With this goal in mind, each report must be approved by command staff before release. Incident Reports are normally available within three working days.

  To obtain a copy of your report you will need the case report number (CRN). When the deputy obtains your information for the incident report, ensure you are provided a CRN. The Sheriff's Office completes thousands of incident reports every year. It can be very time consuming to locate a report without a case report number.

   There is a fee of $3.00 for each copy of an Incident Report.

ACCIDENT REPORTS -  Accident reports are generally available within three to five working days, depending upon the complexity of the investigation. Citizens are encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office to check on Accident Report availability. This may save you unnecessary travel. The Case Report Number (CRN) is needed for tracking and retrieval.

EDITING REPORTS - From time to time, citizens make requests about accident report editing For  questions concerning this issue, you should contact the appropriate Division Commander.

GEORGIA STATE PATROL REPORTS - To obtain copies of Accident Reports investigated by the Gerogia State Patrol, you may contact Georgia State Patrol Post 42 at (912) 754.1180 or *GSP by cell phone.


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