Jail's History

The Jail's History

Those persons jailed before 1918 were housed in a small block structure located in the City of Springfield near the intersection of Pine Street and Early Street. The custom was in place that the wife of the sheriff would cook and provide meals for the inmates. In 1934, a two-story Jail was built near the block jail. The sheriff and his family resided downstairs in the jail house. Inmate cells were upstairs. The cells were reinforced with "tool proof" steel bars and metal meshing over the windows. The floor of the second story was a six-inch reinforced concrete slab, supported on steel beams. A three-inch concrete slab covered the entire cell block section dividing it from the roof above. The sheriff's office remained in this location until 1992 when the organization and inmate housing became too large to occupy the site. In 1993 the current sheriff's office and jail was completed at 130 First Street Extension, Springfield, Georgia.