Historical Firsts

Recent historical firsts have been made in the organization.
  • June 2002: Interim Sheriff Richard Bush organized and launched a full time Crime Scene Unit dedicated to the collection, preservation, and presentation of evidence. The unit was originally staffed by Sergeant Roy C. Willis and Deputy Allen Elliott.
  • September 2002: Sheriff McDuffie organized and staffed a full time drug unit.
  • February 2003: Sheriff McDuffie, with the cooperation of the City of Guyton, Georgia and Planters Telephone Cooperative, the first Sheriff's substation in Guyton, Georgia, which boasted a 911 hotline outside of the station for public use.
  • September 2003: Sheriff McDuffie organized a K-9 unit.
  • April 2004: Sheriff McDuffie opened sheriff's substation in Faulkville.
  • July 2004: Sheriff McDuffie launched Sheriff's website.