About Homestead Exemptions


Homestead Exemptions

Type County Exemption
School Exemption
Regular (S1)
$4,000 $2,000 N/A
62 - 64 *income (S3)
$4,000 $10,000 N/A
65 & Older  (SC)
$4,000 $12,000 N/A
65 & Older *income (S4) $6,000 $20,000 $100 off Sanitation
100 % Disabled Veteran (S5)
N/A N/A $101,754
VA Surviving Spouse (SS)
N/A N/A $101,754

How to file for Homestead Exemption

You can now apply for Homestead Exemption online! click this link here, enter in your specific property information to pull up your precise account. Then, click on the blue button in the upper left corner that says "Apply for Homestead Exemption".

What to bring for Homestead <- click here! 

Blank Homestead Application <- click here to print and mail in application. To apply online/virtually please click the link at the top. 

Please click on “What to bring for Homestead” above to ensure you meet the requirements, and have all the documents needed to be approved for Homestead Exemption. Once your application and supporting documents have been submitted it will go before the Board of Assessors for approval. Once approved it will be applied to your property account.

Homestead Exemption can be removed for the following reasons (please note-other unique circumstances may not be listed but will still cause removal or loss of homestead): if you moved and no longer permanently reside on the property, if you have sold the property, if you are renting any part of the property, if the property has changed names (e.g. owner changed property from self to a LLC), or if you are receiving a double exemption somewhere else. (NOTE: if found to be receiving an exemption on another property whether in the same County, different County, or different State; The Tax Assessors office reserves the right to fine the taxpayer two times the savings per year for up to three years that a double exemption was obtained).

If you are between the ages of 62-64, or you are 65 and older, you may be eligible for a larger exemption. Please note: senior exemptions are not automatically applied to your account. Once you reach that status please come back to our office or go online and apply for the additional exemptions. The exemptions we currently offer are listed above. For any exemption that requires income verification, a current tax return (1040 form) will need to be submitted. Exemptions with income limitations change every year and those totals are provided by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Quick Summary

  • You must own the land and permanently reside on the property to apply for homestead.
  • Only one homestead is authorized per family unit in or out of County.
  • You only need to apply once, unless upgrading to a different type of Homestead Exemption.
  • Filing deadline is April 1st of any given year.
  • Homestead offers you a tax break
  • You cannot receive an exemption on property you do not live in.
  • Only one person on the deed of the property needs to be present to file. However, a copy of driver's license is required for spouse and all parties listed on the deed.
  • Bring a drivers license and a copy of a driver's license of your spouse and all parties listed on the deed, and utility bill when ready to file.
  1. Regular Exemption (S1)
  2. 62 to 64 *Income (S3)
  3. 65 & Older (SC)
  4. 65 & Older *Income (S4)
  5. 100% Disabled Veteran (S5)
  6. VA Surviving Spouse (SS)

The (S1) is our standard homestead exemption. Any homeowner may apply as long as they own and live in the residence as of January first the year they file. This exemption authorizes said individual to receive a tax exemption of $4,000 for county taxes, and $2,000 school tax. The deductions are taken from the homes 40% assessed value before utilizing mileage rates to determine what taxes are owed.