Storm Water Management

Stormwater Management in Effingham County

Storm drainage impacts every property owner in Effingham County.  Thus, just as every property owner needs water service, sewer service, trash service and fire service; they also need stormwater service which minimizes flooding and degradation of property.  Georgia on average receives 48 inches of rainfall per year and with the county’s relatively flat topography and miles upon miles of drainage systems; makes maintaining the County’s storm drainage system a daunting task.  

The women and men of our Public Works team provide municipal services related to the control and treatment of stormwater. The stormwater Management Division perform activities including administrative functions, planning, engineering, regulation, permitting, maintenance operations, and capital improvements.

As a citizen of Effingham County, you can help us manage stormwater and reduce the cost of our programs.   Below are several educational brochures aims at teaching you what stormwater management is and how you can prevent flooding and water pollution on your property and in our community.

Read our brochure, Stormwater & You, our Stormwater 101 crash course in stormwater management.  EOM_Effingham_SW & YOU Brochure_2020

Learn about types of pollution and what you can do it eliminate it.  After the Storm

Learn what watersheds, stormwater infrastructure, Non-point source pollution, and how it all comes together.  Nonpoint_brochure EOM

Where does the runoff from your property go?  This poster is an easy way to learn about how pollution from your yard may harm the enrivonment.  Where Storm Water Goes

Learn about the Federal Clean Water Act, the Municipal Separate Stormsewer system (MS4) permitting program, and find countless other educational resources at .

Ever heard the term Best Management Practice (BMP)?   Have you wondered why are they important in Stormwater management?  These resources from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) can explain it all to you.


Want to become an expert in Stormwater Management?  USEPA has a 2 hour webcast titled “Stormwater 101” that will answer all your questions and even give you the answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Did you know that ALL water is recycled water?  What do we mean?  Check out this website about the Water Cycle.


How are we going to pay for this?  Effingham County is considering a Stormwater Utility.  Learn more about your chance to get involved.   Utility Summary 10.28.2021

To view the Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study - Click Here

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