2023 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update


We’re working to reduce or eliminate Effingham County’s risks associated with hazard events while also adapting to a changing climate.

Effingham County Emergency Management Agency is in the process of updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan for Effingham County and the cities of Guyton, Rincon, and Springfield. Hazard Mitigation Plans are updated and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)  every five years to reflect new federal and state policies, to capture completed actions, and to determine new actions that need to be implemented.

This planning involves collaboration between government agencies, community organizations, and individual citizens to create comprehensive and effective hazard mitigation plans that can be implemented before, during, and after disasters strike. By working together and investing in hazard mitigation planning, communities can become more resilient and better prepared to withstand and recover from hazardous events.

We need your help! 

Please take our five-minute survey and let us know your thoughts on Hazard Mitigation Planning in Effingham County.

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 For questions, please reach out to Clint Hodges, Emergency Management Director, at